Top 5 places to sail to in the BVIs

Our experts share their favourite places to sail to in the British Virgin Isles.

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The BVIs are set up perfectly for sailing holidays: a collection of idyllic sun-kissed islands, complete with beach bars and relaxed holiday atmospheres, within short distances to one another, and in an area which is optimally navigated by boat.

As a result, there’s so many places which could make this list, but here’s our sailing experts top 5 places to sail to in the BVIs (in no order):

view from Soggy dollar bar Jost Van Dyke 

If the BVIs are the best sailing destination in the world, and Jost Van Dyke is the best island in the BVIs, then that surely makes it the best sailing destination in the World? ‘Jost’ is named after a famous buccaneering pirate and, obviously it has white sandy beaches and palm trees, but it is probably best known for being the home of the ‘Soggy Dollar Bar’, home of the ‘Painkiller’ cocktail, and where you’ll find the best apres-sail.

Lobster Anegada 

People head here for one of these reasons: (a) the huge ‘Cows wreck’ beach which runs the length of the island, with epic views and white sandy beaches; (b) to snorkel amongst the coral reef in the area, checking out the colourful local fishes, sea turtles, etc…; (c) for the best tasting lobster in the world, caught fresh and tossed on a beach-barbecue, the Anegadan way; or (d) all of the above.

Vigin Gorda sound from Laverack Virgin Gorda Sound 

At the northern end of Virgin Gorda is one of the highlights of the BVIs – the Sound is a remarkably sheltered bay with some of the best known and most historic places in the BVIs. You can choose to sit and wonder at the beauty of the place from Saba Rock resort, Bitter End Yacht Club, Laverack bay...

From here you’ll also be able to spot Neckar and Moskito islands, both owned by a British Billionaire Richard Branson, and used for A-list celebrity getaways.

Cooper island beers Cooper Island 

Cooper Island is a fun place to stop for the night and is another resort which is pretty much exclusively designed for use by sailors - there’s no roads and no regular ferry service, but there’s mooring buoys aplenty, an award-winning restaurant (which has the sort of jovial and friendly atmosphere that only a bunch of sailors have), and, best of all, it even has its own microbrewery, offering a range of beers. Epic!

Brewers Bay Brewers Bay 

Brewers Bay is THE best place to go snorkelling in the BVIs – which is saying a lot, as you’ll find plenty of wildlife just under the water pretty much anywhere along the coast. And the views are just as exceptional above the waterline, with a splendid beach and a lively beach-bar making it a great place to overnight. As if all that wasn’t enough, it’s one of the fest bays which faces West, which means you’ll be treated with a fantastic view of the sunset.

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