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Sailing Distance Calculator

Our Calculator makes planning your Yacht or Catamaran Charter holiday a little more 'Plain Sailing'...

We're proud to unveil our Sailing Distance Calculator - helping to make passage planning for your sailing holiday so much easier!  Want to find out how far it is to that little bay you've been recommended, or the must-see Taverna?  The answers are right here!

How does it work?

  • Click on the map to set your start point,
  • Click your route to navigate around the map - it will add up the distance as you go, allowing you to work out the distances involved in your daily hops. 
  • If you want to go back a step, or start again, just click the buttons below the map. 
  • The map can be centred around any of the below starting points - click your home Marina and get started! :)

Montenegro:   Kotor
France:   Saint TropezCorsica
Italy:   Tuscany,   Sardinia,   Salerno,   Portorosa,   Marsala
EnglandGosportHytheLymingtonPort Hamble
ScotlandArdrossanBadachroCraobh MarinaKip MarinaLargsObanTroon

PS. If you’re after a leisurely sailing holiday (doing 4-5 hours of sailing a day), we’d recommend sailing around 110 – 120 nautical miles a week (this works out at 22-25 nM a day).  Sailing less than this will mean you’ll be able to spend more time exploring (on land or at sea), whilst sailing more than this might mean long days at sea.

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