University Sailing Club Sponsorship

We're keen to help the next generation of Students enjoy sailing as much as we do!

We're thrilled to be running our University Sailing Club Sponsorship programme again in 2023, with the express aim of getting even more sailors out on the water and experiencing life on a boat!  University is one of the BEST places to start sailing - it's the perfect time to learn new skills, take up new challenges, meet new friends (who will possibly become your crew-mates for life) and have some fun! Which means it's a great fit for!  We'll be sharing the photos, videos and experiences last year's winners Oxford on their epic trip to Croatia very shortly! 

We're on the lookout for a University Sailing Club that matches our ideals - with a great team ethos, a willingness to learn, ambition to be the best you can be, and fun at the heart of everything we do!  

We're pleased to reveal our University Sailing Clubs shortlist! This year we've narrowed down the options to three Sailing Clubs, which all put forward exceptional bids.

Whilst 50% of the decision will be made by our expert panel (which includes ex-University sailors and a sailing explorer as well as Directors), 50% of it comes down to a public vote - your vote counts!

Aberystwyth University Sailing Club

This year at Aberystwyth we are trying to move forward as a club in many aspects including getting more of our members yacht sailing. We are all about getting everyone sailing and promoting the sport we love so much.

Members: 20 | Boats: 13

Edinburgh University Sailing Club

We are committed to spreading the love of sailing through the different branches of our club. Whether you are beginner or a world champion, you can join in and hopefully have a fun time on the water!

Members: 126 | Boats: 9

University of York Sailing & Windsurfing Club

York Uni Sailing is a small, close-knit group, and we'd love to have a yachting holiday together - but to do that we need this funding

Members: 36 | Boats: 10


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