The top 5 anchorages in Greece!

It's a real challenge, but our experts pick out their top 5 anchorages in Greece!

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Greece has over 15,000km of coastline, more than 6,000 islands, and the majority of it is idyllic - so it’s an almost impossible task to choose our top 5 anchorages in the whole of Greece. There’s literally thousands to choose from, and whatever list we come up with, there are almost certainly going to be some stellar anchorages which we miss out.

So apologies in advance if your favourite anchorage is not included on the list below – though in fairness, keeping your favourite anchorage off these sort of online guides will help it to be your own little secret hideaway, so perhaps we are actually doing you a favour! Either way, we recommend taking your charter yacht or catamaran to check these places out!

Mykonos, Cyclades Choosing our Top 5 anchorages 

We found it a challenge to work out exactly how to edit our list - there are some absolutely incredible places to spend the night in Greece, but often the best bit about them is related to the town nearby (which is why the likes of Parga, Hydra, Mykonos, Skopelos and Symi are not on this list, even though you can anchor up nearby and they are insane places to visit).

Lindos, DodecaneseSimilarly, when we’re anchoring, the whole point of it is to be away from all the masses, and to find somewhere tranquil and where you can find a bit of peace and quiet – which rules out the likes of the Paxi islands, Meganissi, Paros, Lindos and Alonissos. The same applies to Shipwreck bay in Zakinthos (the incredible anchorage featured on our main graphic here – there’s too many tourists!)

 The best anchorages in Greece 

Which brings us to our list, which is probably best defined as being the best and most beautiful quiet places to be for a night on a boat in Greece. It still really wasn’t easy, but here’s our top picks. Invariably, the anchorages nearby these ones are also likely exceptional, but we were told we could only name one of them! In no order:

Atokos, South Ionian Atokos  Charter from Corfu, Preveza, Lefkas or Kefalonia 

A fantastically picturesque bay on the East side of the remote island of Atokos in the middle of the south Ionian, which you need your own boat to get to. Blissful white sand and clear turquoise sea. There’s a lone church which overlooks the anchorage, and the locals are predominantly wild pigs and wild goats.

Kyra Panagia, Sporades Kyra Panagia  Charter from Volos or Skiathos 

A supremely sheltered inland-bay on the North side of the island of Kyra Panagia, which is inside the Alonnisos Marine Nature reserve. You’ll share the bay with monk seals, dolphins and the occasional sea-turtle. You can really escape and switch off here (because there’s no mobile signal).

Kithnos Sandbar, Cyclades Kithnos Sandbar  Charter from Athens or Lavrio 

I know. I know. But it’s such a stunning place to be that we just couldn’t resist including it. This is the most instagrammable anchorage in Greece for a reason. Take your pick on mooring up on either said of the sandbar, play on the beach, then head to the lone Taverna up the hill to watch the sunset.

Despotiko, Cyclades Despotiko  Charter from Lavrio 

You can anchor almost anywhere between the islands of Despotiko and Antiparos, as the sea bed rarely gets deeper than 15m. best spot is on the East of the channel, where you can get easy access to the ancient temple of Apollo, but you’ll be able to enjoy watching the sunset from anywhere.

Marathos, Dodecanese Marathos  Charter from Kos or Rhodes 

You could honestly choose any of the anchorages around Makronisi or Arkoi (North of Lipsi) in the Dodecanese. Our favourite is the bay on the Eastern side of Marathos, which is a fine little bay well away from the tourist areas of Greece. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to find your inner peace, here it is!

 Sold it you yet? 

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