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Our 8 Yacht Charter Bases in Greece

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Sailing around Greece

With clear waters, blue skies, beaches, almost perennial sunshine, and over 1,400 islands to explore, Greece is pretty much perfect as a sailing holiday destination, and can make it happen - whether it is a bareboat yacht charter, chartering a catamaran, or jumping aboard and leaving the actual sailing to a skipper.

Famous for its ancient history as being a global super-power a couple of thousand years ago, and leading the way to civilisation, Greece has a long and glorious history of boats and sailing, so it’s no surprise that they are superbly set up for sail-tourism: each island has a harbour or marina with all the facilities you’ll need, and there are countless anchorages and beautiful bays to stop in – some so far from the beaten path that they don’t have roads or cars yet, and where you’re unlikely to meet any other tourists.

Sailing wise, the sea is non-tidal (which reduces the need for complex mathematics to be employed before you get out the sails) and, whilst the wind is unlikely to see you breaking speed records, is generally reliable and consistent enough to keep you above six knots.

Arguably the toughest part of sailing in Greece is working out where to sail?! There are six key sets of islands which make up the cruising area, each with hundreds of islands to navigate, meaning that Greece is a country that you can keep coming back year on year for sailing holidays without visiting the same places or ever getting bored. Wherever you go, you’ll encounter pretty old towns, welcoming marina’s and jaw dropping scenery.

Choosing Where to Sail

You can use our handy 'Sailing in the Med Decision Tree' to find out where might suit you best, or pick from our mini reviews below:

  • Argo-Saronic Islands – [Athens Yacht Charter] Take in the ancient monuments of Athens, or escape to Aegina for their outstanding pistachio nuts, Poros for a party, or Hydra for a spectacular marina town
  • Dodecanese Islands – [Rhodes Yacht Charter / Kos Yacht Charter] the colossus of Rhodes (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world) once guarded the marina on the island, and there are so many great islands to explore, including Santorini – the most beautiful island in the world
  • Ionian Islands – [Corfu Yacht Charter / Lefkas Yacht Charter] – Visit the tourist resorts of Corfu and Lefkas on the West coast of Greece, where they make the best olive oil on the planet
  • Sporades Islands – [Skiathos Yacht Charter] Skiathos and Skyros offer the cleanest and bluest seas known to man, and are famous for having the best beaches in Greece. Which is saying something!
  • North & Eastern Aegean islands – [Charter base coming soon!] – between Turkey and Greece, the towns on the famous islands of Lesbos and Lemnos hail from the mesolitihc era and are over 3,000 years old
  • Cyclades Islands (& Crete) – [Charter base coming soon!] Crete is every Greek native’s favourite island, and Mykonos is known for being both an ancient city and a key party destination

What Next?

We have LIVE, real-time availability on all of our yachts and catamarans in Greece - so the next step is simply to search to find the right one! 

We use actual images of the yacht you will be chartering wherever possible, and only work with quality yacht charter partners, so you can rest easy that the ycht will be everything you expect it to be.  You can also use our filters to make sure the yacht has everything you need, from bowthrusters to wifi and autoo-pilot to air conditioning!  If you have any questions just give us a call!

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