How much does a Sailing Holiday Cost?

How much does it cost to go on a Yacht or Catamaran sailing holiday in the Med? You'll be surprised!

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One of the first questions we get asked by people who have never been sailing before is 'How much does it cost?'  Having assumed that this is a luxury holiday that only the rich and famous can afford, they are usually pleasantly suprised when we show them the figures!

Here are sample prices for a Yacht / Catamaran Charter holiday for both Athens and Split - the two best connected cities in Greece and Croatia respectively.

We've made some assumptions:

  • One week
  • with a skipper (who takes one of the cabins)
  • Relatively new but not brand new

The prices below INCLUDE Skipper (c. €1260) and End Cleaning (c. €250), for your own private yacht or cat.

SPLIT May / Oct June / Sept July / Aug
3 cabins (2015) €2890 €3648 €4231
4 cabins (2015) €3621 €4909 €5937
Catamaran (2014) €4437 €5937 €6378
ATHENS May / Oct June / Sept July / Aug
3 cabins (2015) €2860 €3341 €4091
4 cabins (2015) €3616 €4430 €5282
Catamaran (2015) €4499 €5558 €7057
Is that less than you thought? :)  There are older and newer yachts and catamarans available on our site, so there are a whole range of options, to suit all price-points - use our search tool to find suitable yachts with live pricing and availability!

What else is left to pay?  Basically flights, fuel, mooring fees and food & drink - see 'What's Included?' for a more detailed analysis!