Chartering in the UK - not just a week-long thing

Did you know that you can go sailing for just a weekend from our bases in Scotland and England?

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For many people, a yacht charter is the centre-piece of their summer holiday plans – a glorious week or two of bobbing about on their own private charter yacht or catamaran, ideally in the sunshine, and mixed with plenty of ice-cream, tasty food and drink, and above all, great company.


In the Mediterranean, most of our charter partners will only offer week-long charters - 98% from Saturday to Saturday only – so that they can charter boats out in manageable chunks and make sure that they have enough staff ready for turnaround days to get boats cleaned, maintained and ready to go for another week of sailing.

Occasionally, we can offer charters of different lengths – but you have to contact us via LiveChat or email for us to help find them for you, as our pink box search only brings up week-long search results.

Short charters are also possible – again, you have to ask us – but these are generally only available in the off-season (earlier than April or after October).

Sailing in Scotland  CHARTER WEEKENDS IN THE UK 

The scene is slightly different for yacht charters in Scotland or England: You’ll be restricted to week-long bookings during the school holiday season (July and August), when the boats are very popular, but you can find a short charter – say a weekend (Fri-Sun), mid-week (Mon-Fri) or a long-weekend (Fri-Mon) – throughout the rest of the year.

Which means you can nip up to our bases in Largs (just West of Glasgow) to sail around the Clyde area for a few days, or down to the Solent area (near Southampton) to hop around the Isle of Wight – check out our destination guides to get a flavour for the areas and find out more about our bases.

Solent beach

Perhaps the optimum would be to charter for a weekend in the UK (to feel the wind in your hair, hone your sailing technique, and enjoy the freedom of being on a boat) and a then week in the Mediterranean (to relax and enjoy the sunshine, with a little bit of fun and sailing thrown into the mix).

To book a short charter, then contact our team via email, LiveChat or on the phone and we’ll find the right boat for you.

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