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Trust us with your Summer 2018!

There’s nothing quite like bitter cold weather to turn the head of sailors into thinking about their next Mediterranean yachting adventure - this week we’ve seen a spike in searches for yacht charter holidays in Greece and Croatia for summer 2018!

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Some people are tired of the ice and cold (and willing themselves into warmer climes), some are booking their family the holiday of a lifetime (with the big reveal coming on Christmas day), some are taking the chance to secure their dream yacht so that they can now spend the next month boozily coaxing out crew members, and some are (probably, but they daren’t admit it to our team) making bookings so that they have something amazing and adventurous to boast about to their relatives over the festive season!

Whatever the reason, each and every yacht charter booking can be secured with just a 30% deposit (with the rest only due six weeks ahead of the charter date), each an every booking is taking advantage of our amazing prices – and, this festive season, we’ve persuaded some of our partners to give us exclusive discounts of up to 25% for their yachts (search our site for the right deal for you!), and each and every yacht charter is getting the guarantee - trust us with your yacht charter in 2018, and we’ll make sure that everything is as hassle-free as possible.

We’re different to the other yacht charter websites because we’re a small team who are focussed on making sure your holiday is amazing: so much so that we have customer feedback all over our office walls, we have internal awards for the team who can score the best feedback from a customer each month – because we’re not in the business of yacht charter holidays, we’re in the business of creating happy customers.

What’s more – we love sailing.  We’re all sailors who have been out on a yacht in the Med.  We can walk the walk (well, we can sail a yacht or cat!), and talk the talk (contact us, and you’ll see we're not just some call-centre operative in Mumbai). 

Our team are here on the hotline, LiveChat, online form or via email to help advise you on how to get the most bang for your buck, and the best possible sailing experience.

You might not have heard of us before (advertising in yachting magazines is expensive, so we’re focussed on growing through word of mouth), but we’ve been here for 2 years, have had loads of happy customers, and we’ve also won awards for how far we’re prepared to go for customer service!

So trust us, and you’ll never need to google ‘yacht charter’ again – you’ll come here direct, because we make chartering a yacht