How to search for your ideal boat

You can get get better, faster and more comprehensive results if you use our search tool to filter the options to find your ideal yacht or catamaran

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Search the pink box We have LIVE pricing and availability! 

We’ve tried to make our website as easy and intuitive to use as possible, and we have live pricing and availability for every boat in the Med – so if you know what you're after, then you don't need to ask us for a quote - just make a search! (But do get in touch if you need any advice or would like any guidance).

You can use our site to hone in on exactly the right boat for you – from selecting the age or length of the boat, the number of cabins, or even whether it’s got a battened or furling main-sail, electric toilets, bow thrusters, or bunk cabins, and much more. Here's how to find your ideal boat:

 1. Search in the Pink Box 

If you have the dates you’d like to charter a boat, then you can use our pink-box search tool! Add the country (and base, or area, if you have one in mind) you’d like to go sailing in, select whether you’d like to charter a yacht or a catamaran, whether you want the boat with a skipper or bareboat (see the minimum qualifications you’ll need to charter bareboat), and then click ‘Search’.

Filter by cabins, age, length 2. Filter by cabins, age, length... 

So far, so easy, but here’s the clever bit: our cutting edge filtering tool is the most comprehensive search tool on the web. Click on the ‘Filter by’ menu to set your ideal parameters, and the search will be updated to show you which boats match your criteria. You can filter by Cabins, Berths, Length, Bathrooms, Age, Price and Features.

Click on ‘Cabins’ and you’ll get a slider showing you the current possible options (usually from 2-6 cabins). If you want to find yachts with only 5 cabins, click and drag the left-hand red circle to 5, and then click and drag the right-hand circle to 5 too. The search results will update to show you the boats which meet your search criteria.

Filter by boat features 3. Filter by boat Features... 

Click on ‘Features’, and a tick-list appears. Simply choose the features you cannot live without – whether it’s air conditioning, bow thrusters or radar – and the search results will update to only show the boats which have that feature.

 4. Click to Book or Hold a boat... 

Book or hold a boatOnce you’ve found your ideal yacht or catamaran, it’s easy to click through to the boat page, take a closer look at the specifications, photos and features of the boat, and then to go ahead and make the booking – just click on the booking ‘Make Booking’.

If you need to check with the rest of the crew whether they would be happy with the boat you've selected, then you can 'hold' a boat for 48 hours for €20 - that's long enough to rally the crew together, and, if you decide that this boat isn't quite right, then don't worry because you'll get a €20 credit which you can use against any other boat on

If you need help, would like any advice, or are unsure where to start, then try our guide on 'how to plan and book a sailing holiday' or contact us via Live Chat or email - our team will be very happy to help.