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How much does it cost to rent a yacht or catamaran in Greece or Croatia?

Chartering or renting your own private yacht or catamaran in Greece or Croatia is a lot cheaper than you might think.

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 Shocked by our prices! 

Life on boardAlongside a host of other Luxury brands, we recently exhibited at the Elite Events London show, meeting and greeting VIP’s and members of the public were interested in classic cars, golf and private jets – some people even arrived by air and landed at the neighbouring airstrip!

When they came to our stand to chat to us, almost all of them were surprised by our prices – they know that yachts and catamarans are crazy expensive to buy (you’re looking at spending upwards of a quarter of a million pounds on one of the small and ugly ones!), so they’d always assumed that chartering (or hiring) one for a week would be similarly crazy expensive – but they’re not.

 Better value than a villa, hotel or ski-trip 

Cinque Terre, ItalyIn fact, chartering your own private yacht or catamaran for a week can work out (even with a paid skipper) about the same as hiring a nice villa for the week, and works out better per head than a skiing holiday, a week in a fancy hotel, or a week at Disneyland theme park. But of course, hopping on to your own private yacht or catamaran and having an adventure on the high seas is way more exciting and interesting than being locked on land, walking or using cramped public transport to get around, and having to carry all your bags.

You’re not having to fight for the best places to relax in the sun, because there’s only you on board. You’re never more than a few metres from your things, your bed, the outdoors, the sea. There’s the chance to travel and see the world – and, of course, the boat moves, so you can travel without lifting a finger, having to pack a bag, or sit wasting the day on trains, planes or taxis.

 How much does it cost to charter a yacht or catamaran in Greece or Croatia? 

But don’t just take our word for it – let’s look at the facts – here’s ball-park figures for a yacht or catamaran charter in Greece or Croatia in 2022. The prices below are the lowest prices currently available for boats less than 6 years old (older and cheaper boats are available). The price is per boat, and a boat can have 6 to 14 people on board:


  Boat Only With Skipper
3-cabin Yacht € 1,710 € 2,760
4-cabin Yacht € 2,665 € 3,715
Catamaran € 3,400 € 4,520
JULY / AUG    
3-cabin Yacht € 1,881 € 2,931
4-cabin Yacht € 3,150 € 4,200
Catamaran € 3,960 € 5,080


  Boat Only With Skipper
3-cabin Yacht € 1,520 € 2,570
4-cabin Yacht € 2,040 € 3,090
Catamaran € 3,870 € 4,990
JULY / AUG    
3-cabin Yacht € 1,960 € 3,010
4-cabin Yacht € 2,808 € 3,858
Catamaran € 5,300 € 6,420


 What's included in a sailing holiday / what else do I have to pay for? 

Check out our guide of what’s included within these prices / what else you will have to pay for.

 More info / book NOW! 

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