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Our Guide to Rothesay

Rothesay Marina

Rothesay marina offers 68 water berths, both inner and outer harbour. Reception offers 24 hour access to showers and toilets in an original Victorian block. Inner Harbour berths must be accessed via the lifting bridge on the quay.

VHF Channel 12 can be used for enquiries about berths.


Rothesay is a well sized resort town with history dating back to the 1200’s. Originally nothing more than Rothesay Castle, the town slowly sprang up around it between the 1300’s and 1900’s. The Castle came under fire twice by Norse attackers in the 1200’s, but managed to hold them off both times. The Castle came under fire again in 1685 during a failed revolt and yet again, proved the strength of it’s walls.

The decline of the castle came when the area around it slowly fell into poverty. It took until the 1800’s and steam ships before the area would really pick up in Industrialism. From there, the town became a popular resort destination and grew back into wealth. The area now boasts public gardens, golf courses and beautiful views.

Things to see and do

Rothesay offers many attractions for any visitor. First and foremost, a trip to the ruins of Rothesay Castle and Moat which lie almost in the centre of the town offers a good picnic spot and a place to catch up on some of the local history.  The Winter Gardens are a good way to spend an afternoon, offering beautiful visuals for any visitor.

The island also offers three different golf courses. The 18-hole is located just outside of town, the 9-hole sits near the sands of the western bay and the odd 13-hole is situated on the hills behind the town. All three offer great views of the bay as you enjoy a leisurely game.

Local Events / Festivals

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Eating and Drinking

As far as food goes, the best place is situated just next to Rothesay Castle itself. Harry Haw’s Restaurant provides simply divine food, excellent service and a brilliant atmosphere regardless of how busy they are at the time. The food is affordable and the venue clean.

Alternatively, the Waterfront Bistro offers great lunches at cheap prices. A small and cosy venue, the Bistro is known for its great service and food by all the locals. Bookings can’t be made, but you can guarantee they’ll always find room for you when you pop in.

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Marina Details

Address: The Weighbridge, Albert Place, Rothesay PA20 9AG
Long / Latitude: N 55° 50' 20" W -5° 3' 15"
Telephone: 01700 503842
Fax: 01700 504358
VHF: Channel 12
Walk-ashore berths: 68
Rates: £1.90/m

Bottled gas, Disabled facilities, Electrical supply, First aid, Fresh water, Fuel: Diesel, Parking, Pub / Restaurant, Shop / Supermarket, Showers, Toilets, Telephone, Visitors berths

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Getting to the Marina

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By Air

A flight to Glasgow Airport will leave you with either a drive to the ferry port or a train to the ferry port. Either way, you should expect about 2 hours for both.

By Train

A train from Glasgow airport to the town of Skelmorie and then a short walk from the station to the port before boarding a ferry across will put you back around two hours.

By Bus

Coaches run from Glasgow to the town of Skelmorie (See above). See online for prices and times.

By Car

A drive from Glasgow centre to Wemyss Bay via the M8, then a ferry across with your car will also put you about two hours back. In total, about 40 miles.

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