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Our Guide to Badachro

Badachro Marina

Badachro lacks an official Marina but is a natural harbour free to stop and popular to yachters.

The Isle Horrisdale shelters Badachro harbour and often there are numerous yachts moored up around the harbour.


Badachro has always historically been a fishing village. When the fishery was in full operation, the main port of trade was the cod landed at Gairloch and shipped to the markets of Spain. Today, the area’s main catch comprises lobsters, crabs and prawns for sale across Europe and the numerous piles of lobster pots on the jetty suggest that the village is still an active base for fishing.

On the main road lies a picturesque Old Post Office, now a private residence, while to the west are a string of cottages overlooking the shore of Loch Gairloch. The main attractions to the area are the local wildlife and scenery.

Things to see and do

Across the bay from Badachro lies Gairloch. Gairloch boasts its own golf course along with extensive history dating way back to the Iron Age and even including the Vikings. However, very little remains outside of names of the local areas. A walk around the village and shoreline gives you an insight into everything the Highlands have to offer.

The excellent Gairloch Heritage Museum can be found north along the A832 in Auchtercairn and is well worth a visit if you’re interested in the local history and history of Scotland in general. Many nature walks are available and offer a multitude of choices for bird-watchers and nature lovers.

Local Events / Festivals

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Eating and Drinking

As far as food & drink goes, a trip across to Gairloch is the best option. The Steading, a restaurant in Gairloch, offers amazing food at a good price and was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. The food is fresh, unusual for the Highlands and the service has always been super fast and helpful.

Aside from The Steading, the Melvaig Inn is truly a gem. The Inn is simple food done well. Typically seafood, it is fresh and well prepared. The interior is quirky and interesting and the service is friendly and fast despite how busy they always are.

Your Recommendations

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Where to Sail

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Getting to the Marina

By Air

A flight to Inverness will leave you almost two hours drive from Badachro along the A835 and A832.

By Bus

Coaches are available from Inverness but can take up to 4 hours in total.

By Car

Driving from Inverness can take almost two hours along the A835 and A832. Driving from Glasgow will take almost 5 hours along the A9.

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