Toys on Board

People may say that they should be the reserve of children, but when you’re on holiday, there’s nothing better than spending your leisure time playing with a few toys.

 Making the most of the water... 

If a big yacht or catamaran isn’t enough to excite you and keep you busy, there’s a host of different gadgets and toys available with some of our yachts which will help you to pass some time in the sunshine.  Here, we review a few of our favourites (*Ask us about these when booking as availability depends on the boat and yacht charter partner!  The added customer service is just another reason to book with us!)

You’re not a real sailor until you’ve sailed a Spinnaker at 5 knots, and you can hire these colourful additional sails to give you extra motivation to go out seeking wind, and to help you hone your technique.  There’s something wonderful about seeing a whirl of colour at sea, whether you’re on the boat flying it, or on one of the people looking jealously on from one of the other boats nearby

The sea is your playground, but have you ever stopped to think about what’s passing under the hull of your boat.  With a low-fi snorkel and flippers, you can glimpse into another world, where schools of colourful fish blink around, and neon-coloured minnows light up the water.  You’ll experience serenity and silence as you peer at exotic sea creatures in the warm shallows.

For the more adventurous (or for those who don’t want to get their hair wet), you can try out the fastest growing sport in the UK: paddle-boarding.  Stand above the water and punt your way around the bay – it looks easy, but it’s actually quite a bit of a workout, and for beginners, there’s also the added adrenaline from the risk of falling in!

If have a need for speed on the sea, the Jet ski is where it’s at: being so close to the water, and after an afternoon of sailing at 6 knots, even chugging along at 20 mph on one of these will feel like your flying at motorway speeds!  With fast acceleration, nippy handling, and the ability to bounce along the waves, a jet ski is something that can keep you entertained for a good couple of hours when or if the wind is a bit flat!  So much fun that you’ll wish you had one for everyone on the boat!

Taking speed one stage further, getting a rib with a kickass engine can make a jet ski look like a bit of a shabby old scooter.  0-60 in a matter of pulses, creating your own waves, and feeling the enormous buzz of going FAST.  Never mind the weather – in a rib, you can make your own waves, and, for all the adrenaline, there’s also the added benefit that, out at sea, there’s a disconcerting lack of things to hit!  Just wow!