Tips for First Time Sailors

If sailing a yacht is something you've only been able to dream of, getting the chance to actually do it can be a very exciting time for you.

 However, there are certain things to need to remember in order to stay safe, enjoy yourself and have the best time you possibly can.


Safety is important

As much as you might think that nothing will really happen to you at sea, you can never be too careful when you're out there sailing. Suitable clothing, preferably waterproof, should be worn at all times, and you should also ensure that you always wear a life jacket when on the deck. If you're on a sailing trip with other sailors and it's being run by a group or the owner of the yacht, it will probably be included in the rules before you start the trip.


Get to know everything first

If you're a complete novice and you've never chartered a yacht in Scotland before you have many questions, don't be afraid to ask them before you set off. That also means having a read through our FAQ!  The more experienced sailors on board will probably be very happy to teach you everything you'd like to learn about the yacht, and it will also give you some idea of how things work and what you may be doing once the yacht is sailing. 


Stay calm!

Whatever happens, don't panic and try to remain calm. If anything unfortunate does happen and you don't know what to do, follow the instructions of the experts on the yacht to find out what you need to do. If you're having a go at an aspect of sailing the yacht and you think you're doing something wrong, simply stay calm and ask somebody for help. In most cases, nothing will go wrong while sailing a yacht and you'll have an exciting and relaxing journey.