The antidote to 2020…? Caribbean Sailing in 2021

2020 has been a disaster in so many ways, but things are looking up and sailing from one of our 4 NEW bases in the Caribbean might be just what you need to get you loving life again!

 What a year! :/ 

What a year it’s been! In 2019, we said 'What a year' after reaching record-breaking numbers of customers and smashing the ball not just out of the park, but out of the city. This year, we’re saying it for markedly different reasons.

 Coronavirus hit everyone’s plans…. :/ 

Coronavirus scuppered our loyal customers plans to go sailing this year – either because borders were closed at home or abroad, flights were grounded, or additional quarantine restrictions were being enforced.

Shockingly, the UK Government has still not offered any kind of support for the travel industry, but we’re still here! At, we spent most of the summer comforting and consoling customers, cancelling and re-booking charters, and making sure that all of our customers were left happy with the outcome.


But we’ve also been busy using the time to upgrade our website – you’ll spot new imagery around the site and a smoother booking process (amongst other things) – and the exciting addition, this week, of FOUR NEW SAILING BASES IN THE CARIBBEAN! The best place to go sailing in the world!

 Bahamas – BVIs – Antigua – Grenada 

We can help you find boats to charter in the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Antigua or Grenada for literally unbelievable weeks of sailing: the sun is always shining, the sea is always warm, the beaches are always beautiful, the locals are all welcoming, and it’s the ideal place to kick-back, relax, and get back to loving life!

No doubt you’ll hear more about chartering in the Caribbean on this blog over the next few weeks, but if you’re already salivating then check out our destination guides for yacht and catamaran charter in the Caribbean here, or suggested itineraries for Bahamas, BVIs, Antigua and Grenada – or just go ahead and use the pink box on our site to search for boats right now.

 The perfect antidote to this miserable year? 

Is booking a Caribbean sailing holiday in 2021 the perfect antidote this miserable year? We think so - why not book one and find out?!