Plain Sailing

Secure your ideal boat for just €20!

Pulling a crew together can take time. We’ve launched a great new ‘option’ for our customers: secure your ideal boat for 48 hours with just €20!

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We’ve already made it super-easy to find your ideal yacht or catamaran on – you can filter the search results by age, number of cabins, and even by any of the features that the boat has, like bow thrusters or air conditioning, wifi or radar, and even a coffee machine!

Now we’re making trying to take some of the pressure out of making the booking - we understand that finding your perfect boat can be exciting, and it can be so tempting to hurry up and get it booked. Which would be easy, except that you have to run it by the rest of the crew first, and maybe even collect some cash together. There’s angst as you wonder whether the boat will still be available in a few days, and tension when one of the crew takes ages to get back to you.

We know that feeling.

We also have a solution – our new ‘hold this boat’ feature allows you to pay €20 to keep the boat for you for 48 hours, to give you time to pull a crew together, get it signed off, and get the money together for the rest of the deposit. And if you go ahead and book the yacht, then the €20 is included as a payment towards the charter fee, so it’s essentially a free service!

So there’s never been a better time to click around, find a boat, and then get people on-board with your plans – and eventually on-board your yacht or catamaran.