Real-Time in Croatia!

We've got LIVE prices and availability for ALL our Croatian yachts - it's enough to make you jump for joy! And just LOOK at the prices!

It’s not often that people in the world stop and say ‘thanks’ – or at least, it certainly never happens enough in the world today – so this blog is dedicated to saying thanks to all of our Croatian yacht charter partners who have given us so much of their time, attention and goodwill to enable us to set up REALTIME yacht chartering in Croatia – the first time that anyone has done it (properly) for the country!

Getting live pricing and availability for each and every one of our 400+ yachts operating at the 8 biggest bases across Croatia has been something of a challenge, but we think there are major benefits to our customers, and we’re hoping that we can show that chartering a yacht really can be – it’s certainly an innovation that we think should earn us a few more loyal customers.

Yacht chartering has finally moved into the 21st century, and, just like for hotel rooms, flights, cruises and package holidays, customers can search for and book a yacht in a matter of minutes (and don’t worry – we’re upgrading our search functionality soon too!) - paying just a 30% deposit to secure their yacht (and their dream holiday!)

So a massive thankyou to all the teams at across Croatia (you know who you are!) – we couldn’t’ve done it without you!