Plain Sailing

FREE WIFI on-board

Book a weeklong yacht charter with us – in the UK, Greece or Croatia – and we’ll throw in FREE wifi!

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It’s the latest in on-board technology: using a GPS router, your boat can have its very own wifi hotspot, so that you can be shopping whilst you’re sailing, gaming whilst you should be hoisting the main sail, or checking facebook instead of sorting out the fenders!

Of course, being connected to the internet whilst on holiday might be some people’s idea of hell, which is why our alternative special offer this month is for your boat to be fitted with a special lead-lined safe.  The safe will be big enough to hold at least eight mobile devices (i.e. everyone in the crews’ mobile phones), and the lead-lining will prevent you even getting a phone signal for the week, let alone internet!  And if the phones are locked away, then everyone will have to find new ways to spend their time: like having real conversations and getting involved.

To qualify, make a booking of 6 nights or more through before the 15thMay 2016 and email blog [at] to claim your prize!