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FREE upcycled-sail wash bag

Book now and get a FREE upcycled-sail wash bag!

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Old sails could doubtless tell a tale or two of their adventures at sea, but have you ever wondered what happens to them?  Unfortunately, the modern polymers they use to laminate and strengthen the sheets mean they are not only tough against wind – they also take over 1,000 years to biodegrade (which means that the sails on the last boat you used will still be around in 50 generations time!).

This month’s special offer is for an amazing use of recycled sails – we’re working with UK based The Old Salt Loft to offer all customers who book a week-long charter with us a FREE wash-bag mad from a retired sail!  If the story behind them isn’t enough to make you want one, they are hand-made, look fantastic (so you’ll be the envy of your crew!), and, if looked after well, could well be still in use by your Great x50 grandchildren in the year 3000 – a real family heirloom!

To take us up on this offer, make a weeklong booking before the end of November 2016 and then email to claim your free The Old Salt Loft washbag,