Plain Sailing

FREE UNICORN with every booking!

Thought that real-time yacht charter bookings were the stuff of legend? Book with us this month and get a GIANT inflatable unicorn worth £120 to accompany you on your voyage!

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People always said that it couldn’t be done, that the old ways were the best ways, but here we are and we’ve gone and done it!  Like catching a Unicorn, we’ve got real-time booking and availability up and running.  So find a yacht you like on our site, inspect the actual pictures of the actual yacht, check it’s availability, and book it.  Easy!

To celebrate, our special offer is extra special this month - if you book a yacht charter with us in April, we’ll throw in a free GIANT inflatable unicorn!  They’re big enough for you to sit on or ride on, in the sunshine, or, if you’re going slow (and safely) enough, to get pulled along on behind your yacht!

Real-time exists, (inflatable) unicorns exist, and is leading the way in both!

To take us up on this offer, make a week-long booking before the end of April 2017 and then email bookings [at] to claim your free unicorn!