Plain Sailing

Yeah, it’s real-time, sunshine!

You wouldn’t believe how many phone calls we get a week from people who are so used to the old ways of chartering a yacht that they’re a bit unsure – scared, even – about real-time availability and live pricing!

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Often it’s a well-seasoned sea-dog who is probably more comfortable in front of a chart than in front of a computer.  Like, we know it’s a game-changer, but it’s something that really should’ve been happening years and years ago, and it’s really nothing to be scared about! :)

So what does it mean?  It means that we’ve got live pricing and availability for the yacht in front of your eyes, right here, right now.  You won’t be clicking to make an enquiry or to ask for a quote – here is a boat, here’s how much it will cost to charter, and here’s when it’s still available. And you can book it NOW with just a 30% deposit!

We’ve got live links with all our special, trusted yacht charter partners – who we’ve met and know - which lets us grab live boat availability and prices from their systems.  It even includes any special offers they add to their boats.

So don’t shilly-shally, find a yacht and book it now.  It’s yacht charter 2.0, and it was brought to you by :)

[Note to Dubrovnik fans: some yachts in Dubrovnik are already starting to sell out for summer 2018!?]