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Working with quality operators who we know and trust

It’s been a rewarding week, catching up with some of our charter partners in Greece, Italy and Scotland – the people who we know and trust to take care of our most valuable asset: our customers.

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December is traditionally a quiet period in our business (everyone is so busy thinking about Christmas that they don’t tend to have the energy or the mind-space to work out their summer holiday plans), so this week has given us some time to get out and about and engage with some of our trusted partners.

It’s always a pleasure to meet the people who help us to ensure that we organise the best possible holiday experiences for our customers. They’re the people who take the best possible care of maintaining their yachts and catamarans, the people who welcome you on board their boats, and the people who take care of your every sailing-related need - the people who care about you (almost) as much as we do!

This week has been about thanking them for their stellar work in 2018, finding out about their new plans and new boats for 2019 – and having fun and getting to know their wider teams a bit too. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the weather has been over 20 degrees in Italy and Greece this week…

We can guarantee the quality of the yachts and catamarans we list on our site precisely because we only have partnerships with companies who we have met, know and trust – which means we can guarantee the quality of your holidays. So if you need to know you’re getting a quality boat, then you know where to come…!