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Why Winter Sailing Rocks!

Yes, summer is over, but that doesn't have to mean packing the sails away!? Here are three reasons why it's actually so much better to go sailing in the winter!

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1. The heat

Imagine it's close to minus temperatures, you've been at the wheel for the last hour, with the wind blasting around your ears, your eyes are watering and your hands are starting to get frostbite, even though you've got your best gloves on. You're also getting spattered with water as the boat tosses and turns in the water.  It's starting to get dark from 3 o clock, and you're getting slowly more and more nervous about reaching the marina, and being able to park it up in the evening light.  Brrr.

Imagine how pleased you'd be when you finally arrive in calm waters, duck downstairs into the toasty and warm saloon, and smell the tomato soup that's now bubbling away in the galley.  Can anything beat that feeling?  The yacht becomes a whole lot more cosy and welcoming in the winter, and I love it!

2. The scenery

It's probably a cliche but hey.  Scotland is beautiful in the summer, with the small islands around the Clyde lit up by glittering sunshine, but it's EVEN MORE beautiful in the winter, with snowy-capped hills and mountain peaks in clear view as you go about your sailing.  Throw in the cleansing whiteness of ground frost or snow and you have a ridiculously picturesque scene.  Scotland at it's best!

3. The sailing

Anyone can sail in nice weather - it's easy!  If you want a real challenge you'd head out in winter!  The wind seems that much fiercer, the waves that much choppier, and the conditions always seem on the cusp of a storm!  But heck, who said sailing was supposed easy!?  Throw in the fact that there are less hands who are willing to jump up on deck, and you can see it suddenly becomes a whole lot more technical too - a whole new ball game!

Can you think of any more reasons? @plainsailing