Plain Sailing

Where should you sail this year?

Choosing where to sail is possibly the hardest choice of the year for some of us, and it’s certainly not being made easier now that ‘sail-tourism’ is officially a thing, and countries and cities are actually investing in top notch marina facilities with all the trimmings!

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The most important parts of a sailing holiday is of course the chance to go sailing, but when we asked you, you said that that’s coupled with the importance of sunshine, fair winds, clear tide-less waters, exciting island terrain to explore, and a merry crew. 

Marry all those things together and you’ll have a perfect sailing holiday – which is supposed to be as relaxing as it is exhilarating, and as fun as it is serious.

Of course, there’s also the question of time and money to get there, which rules out the Caribbean for summer jaunts, and which reduces us to the two classic sailing grounds of the Mediterranean: Greece and Croatia.

Greece, the tried and tested sailing holiday country, with thousands of yachts, islands and marina’s offering everything your heart could desire.  And Croatia, the relatively young upstart that has the swishest marina facilities in the world, modern yacht fleets, and, for those who have already been sailing in Greece, new and exciting waters to explore.

We think you can’t go too far wrong with either – both are brilliant, and that’s why we specialise in offering yacht charters in these countries - but we’ve got a handy info-graphic that might help you to make the decision!  Enjoy!