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What have you been reading, Sailor?

If you haven’t been following our twitter feed (and you should: @plainsailing) then you might not be aware that we launched our inaugural Blog awards a couple of weeks back, to try and find the best places to read about sailing and assorted associated paraphernalia.

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So far, we’ve had recommendations from our followers of over 100+ different blogs and websites which focus on the varying angles of sailing – from the racing and competitive side, to the general miscellany of sailing holiday travails and banter, and back again – but blogs still have another 2 days to register to be considered as part of our annual awards.

Considering the number of people who I know who are into sailing, there doesn’t seem to be that many websites dedicated to it - so if there is a blog or a site which you follow religiously, provides an interesting read, and which you think needs deserves a bit more recognition within and without the sailing community, then please drop us a quick email or tweet and we will add them to the list of nominations.  (And if you nominate them, then you obviously get a bit of street cred and a prize from

We’re hoping to announce the winning 2015 blogs on 21st December 2015, so watch this space - you never know, they just might win!