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Things to Consider

Our quick summary of what you should consider when you're looking to charter a yacht for the first time

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If you don't own a yacht but you'd like to travel on one, there are certain things you should consider before booking anything. There are a wide variety of companies all over the world which provide yacht chartering services, so as long as you do the proper research, you can find the perfect yacht charter holiday for you.

1.    The Location

There are many stunning and beautiful locations all over the world (and especially in Scotland!) that you will have the chance to visit if you charter a yacht. For many people, it's a very difficult decision to make, especially if chartering a yacht is a one-off occurrence. Choose a location that you really want to visit, and if you're travelling with friends or family members, make sure that they are happy with the choice of location.  Largs is perhaps the easiest place to start (in terms of actually getting to the Marina by public transport), but any of the places we have listed here are pretty beautiful - Oban in particular is breath-taking.

2.    The Time

You should consider the time of year that you want to go yachting, since it's much better if you can choose a season where the weather is going to be much calmer, particularly when you're at sea. It's much more relaxing if the sun is shining and the sea is not throwing you about all over the place, so try to book your trip during the spring and summer months.  Whilst this might also coincide with the peak prices, it's probably worth it to guarantee good weather - though there have been some fantastic September and October seasons in Scotland in recent years.

3.    The Yacht

There are several different types of yachts that you can charter, and the one you choose will mainly depend on the type of yachting holiday you want and how many people are going on the trip. If there are only a few of you the most economical route is to choose a small 28 foot yacht that will be easily manageable, but if there are more of you ou could try your hand with a 40 footer, and have all hands on deck to get the Spinnaker out, or tighten up the Genoas so that you can get the boat speeding through the water! 

Our service allows you to charger either bareboat (i.e YOU are in charge) or skippered - when the yacht owners come along and sail the yacht for you, whilst you sun yourself on the foredeck in the summer, or stay downstairs in the warm in the winter, whilst the boat sails through the incredible scenery!