Plain Sailing

The future of sailing is… erm... NOT sailing?!

Have you ever thought that sailing would be more fun if you could do it from the comfort of your own home?

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No? Well, worry not, sailors, because soon it will be possible to sail your boat whilst lying on the bed, doing your shopping, or slurping a pint at your local pub!

We’ve all heard about driverless cars, but guess what’s coming up next? Yes, driverless boats.  The head of innovation at Rolls Royce (Marine) says that they’re expected to arrive within the next decade for big commercial ships, and probably not long after that for leisure boats.

Whilst it would obviously be super-cool and a bit James Bond to be able to control your boat from the palm of your hand, it means that unfortunately, the future of sailing is, erm, well, NOT sailing.  It’s about getting out of the sea-breezes, letting auto-helm auto-dock your yacht and auto-hitch up.

Whilst the future will undoubtedly be warmer and more comfortable, it just won’t be the same if you can’t feel the wind in your hair and the motion of the sea.  What do you think?