Plain Sailing

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The summer sailing season is almost upon us: All across Europe, yachts are going back in the water, the sails are being aired, lines are being replaced for fresh new ones, and the anti-fouling is being put back on the shelf for another year.

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Yes, it’s nearly time for the fine weather and fair winds of the spring and summer to be upon us!  If you’re a sailor of any kind, that sentence should’ve just put a smile on your face (but particularly if you’re a fair-weather one!)

Your mind should now be conjuring images of distant sandy beaches, afternoons lounging on deck, the feel of the wind in your hair as you take the helm… sigh.  We can’t wait!

Hopefully you’ve already got some sunny island sailing booked into your calendar, but if you haven’t yet, then don’t despair: there’s still time to book a yacht charter!  And if you’re wondering where to go – we’d strongly recommend heading to Europe’s most popular cruising grounds: namely Croatia and Greece, which have the best sail-tourism infrastructure, plus exciting islands to visit and almost guaranteed beautiful weather (why would you want to go anywhere else?!)

At we specialise in Croatian and Greek yachts – we know the areas inside and out and we’ve managed to find yacht charter operators who we know look after their boats and their customers.

If you’re not sure where to book, then give us a call and we’ll give you some great advice and find you a yacht to suit you!