Plain Sailing

Season starts now!

And so it begins: a whole new season of sailing is just bobbing up on the horizon, and it’s just a short matter of a few weeks before the sailing begins!

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After a winter spent either avoiding the coldest and bleakest of days if you’re someone who charters yachts, or a winter of seemingly endless tinkering and tweaking of various hitherto unknown-about bits of yacht if you’re a yacht owner, it’s nearly – oh, so nearly - time to take off the winter jacket, stride into your sailing gear, and pick up the ropes back up again.

I was out sailing over the last weekend up in Scotland, and I was so glad to feel that wind in my hair again.  To smell the sea air, and to hear the waves  crashing around me.  It’s so liberating to be on a boat (and away from a computer, or smartphone, or annoying children!)

Even though the weather was awful, the sailing was perfect.  Just getting out there again.  But then, even force 9 winds couldn’t stop me getting out onto the wet (though that turned out to be a bad shout as four of my crew were a little sea-sick!)  It could’ve been worse: it could’ve been me leaning over the fenders at the back of the ship…!

If you’re like me, then you’re probably also champing at the bit to hoist the main sail, throw out the jib, and get the season started.  I’m away for a week in the med in the summer, but found it so, so useful and enjoyable to get out for a weekend somewhere more local – and it’s not as expensive as you think. 

Check out our yachts in Scotland or on the South coast if you don’t have the patience…