Plain Sailing

Sailing in three layers!

Brrrrrr! As much fun as it is to sail off the coast whilst watching fireworks going off over the nearest land, sailing in the UK in November has a lot of challenges to overcome!

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After being warned of the likely cold and inclement weather that UK sailing at this time of year brings, for a weekend of sailing (2 full days on board) I’d actually packed a whopping four different changes of clothes – there was no danger I was going to be wet and cold.  Or so I thought – But on day one, I ended up resorting to wearing three changes of clothes at once as the night started to set in!  And I even had to borrow someone else’s gloves!

And the rain.  Oh the rain.  There was one part of the trip where, with four people cosily below deck, there were three of us desperately trying to find shelter underneath the plastic windscreen / canopy which goes over the winches on a Bavaria 46!

Coupled with the waves – for a spell we had some pretty big rollers, which sprayed sea-water across the cockpit – it meant that being warm and cosy and dry was something that only happened at night!  Worse, normally I’m partial to an afternoon tipple on board, but whilst we had all the right ingredients, there was nowhere to put the glasses down!

But did I enjoy it? Yes.  Would I do it all again, for the fun of it? Of course!

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