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REALTIME: Changing the rules!

Regular readers of the blog will be aware that we’ve introduced realtime pricing and availability for all our yachts in Croatia and Greece – so now you can instantly book a yacht and you know exactly what you’re going to get, and at what price (and can get on with booking the rest of your holiday!)

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But we’re not sure if we’ve made enough of a big deal about this, so here’s another blog post about it, explaining how we’re bringing yacht chartering into the 21st century.  This is a momentous occasion, and is a brave step forwards. 

Only a few short years ago, you had to telephone someone to try to obtain a charter yacht, then there were the years of filling in online forms so that you could get a quote – usually for a different boat to the one you wanted, for a much higher price, and often for a different time period.  The cheap flights you’d spotted days ago had already gone by the time you’d mentioned the yacht to your potential crew, and things just drifted…  and it all revolved around bank transfers (or worse, Western Union), so you were never even sure if you were safe to send your hard-earned cash.

Fast forward to in 2017, and we’ve got realtime booking (and a sophisticated search tool is on its way) – so no waiting, no fuss in finding the right yacht for you (but we have a team on hand to help you find your perfect yacht and destination if you want it) – and you can book instantly by paying just a 30% deposit, and using a credit or debit card to make it simple, reliable, trustworthy.

Are you bold enough to change the way you book your yacht charter, and book with us?  You’ll quickly see that it’s