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PlainSailing UK tour continues: Ribble Cruising Club!

It’s one thing to sit behind a website - dealing with customers by LiveChat, email or our freephone hotline – and quite another to get out and about, meeting fellow sailors in real-life, and telling them all about

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This week, we had the pleasure of being invited to meet and present at Ribble Cruising Club, a regular sized sailing club in the north of England filled with real dedicated sailing enthusiasts. The sort of people to whom sailing is a year-round pursuit (despite living in northern England!), and involves all aspects of boat handling and boat maintenance as well as getting out on the water.

They have a monthly club night, when they get all their members together to talk sailing, and invite people to entertain them with stories of sailing adventures, inform them about the latest cutting-edge tech, or, as in our case, to tell them all about how easy (and comparatively cheap) it is to charter a yacht or catamaran abroad.

They were a very welcoming, and a great audience, and it was great to be able to field any questions, break down their perceived barriers about chartering abroad - and by the end of the night, the room was positively buzzing with enthusiasm.

It’s not the first time we’ve given the talk – you could say it was part of our UK tour - and we’re always happy to talk to fellow sailors: ask us if you want us to come to your local sailing club (or we can even send you a copy of our video webinar!).