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Is September the new August?

For decades and decades, the peak time to go sailing in the Med has always been July and August – when the weather was super dependable, the kids were off school, and the whole coastline was buzzing with activity. But are we now seeing a shift?

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It certainly looks like it: we’ve seen more searches on for hitting the water in September than for any other month.  But why?

With global warming and climate change, there’s one argument that July and August in Greece and Croatia are not just toasty any more – they’re scorching.  With temperatures nudging the mercury to above 40 degrees, that’s simply too hot for some sailors – and particularly the ones who can’t afford to get a yacht with air conditioning!  (but then, who goes on a yacht to sit in an air conditioned room?!)

The second reason is that peak season prices are hot too: a yacht can be cost double or even triple (or more!) what you can charter it for in the lower or off-season – so if you can afford to go outside of the school holidays (i.e. you don’t have kids), that’s another reason.

Throw in the fact that flights will also be cheaper, airports will be less congested, and that there won’t be massive queues next to every ice cream stand, and you can get a great value deal by avoiding the school holidays – not to mention having fewer kids at the marina, in the bars, in the restaurants… though I’ll let you decide for yourself if that is a pro or a con!?

And finally, there’s the added bonus that, when you’re on your boat, the marina’s won’t be trying to pack yachts in like they’re sardines!  More space and fewer onlookers can turn parking from a daunting challenge to child's play.

For all these reasons, we’re seeing big increases in interest in sailing in June and September – and if you’re after a deal for this September, there’s still time – give us a call or search for an available yacht!