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I just booked with and I loved it!

Hi! My name is Mandy and I am super excited that I have just booked a sailing holiday in Croatia next year! We’re going to be on a big Catamaran (my first time on a Cat!) and I cannot tell you how amazing it will be - I literally cannot wait!

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In return for getting a special discount on my holiday (so that I can get the boat we want for my budget!), and mindful of the fact that I am a freelance writer, I have agreed to write this blog about how easy it was to make my booking with and to share it on social media – but don’t worry, all the below is totally honest.

I hadn’t actually heard of until a few weeks ago: My friend dropped their name in passing about a sailing holiday he’d had earlier this year, and though it’s a catchy and memorable name, I didn’t really make the connection until they appeared at the top of a google search I made for yacht charters in Biograd (Croatia).

I liked the look of the site, and it appeared pretty easy to use, but I actually called them up on their Freephone number rather than doing everything online, as I had a few questions about the boats I’d found.  The guys there were really helpful and knowledgeable, quickly answered all my questions, and even made recommendations about where to go!

They then sent me a few different options (by email) for me to peruse, and, when I mentioned how tight my budget was, they tried their hardest to make my (and my crews’) dreams become a reality.  I get the impression that they worked really hard to get me a brilliant price, and I was so happy with how easy they made the whole process.

I’ve now paid a 30% deposit and am raring to go!  Now I want autumn, winter and spring to hurry up and pass – I don’t even care about missing Christmas if it means I get to sit on my cat in the sunshine a few weeks sooner!