Plain Sailing

Humbled in Athens

It’s Friday afternoon, and we’ve finally found time to sit back and relax for a short while, before a busy day of meetings tomorrow. Earlier, we were taken on a tour of Athens, and it really is a beautiful place - here’s the view of the Acropolis.

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The city is particularly incredible when you consider that the whole of modern civilisation was born here: the Greeks gave us democracy, philosophy, science, mathematics, and pioneered all manner of other concepts at the same time that people in England were living in caves and considering stones as tools.  I wish I could add here that the Greeks invented boats, but unfortunately, the ancient Egyptians beat them to it!

There are still some signs of recent protests (and there seem to be plenty enough policemen around here), but the tourists areas are positively humming with trade.  Everyone around me seems to have an ice cream in their hand, which reminds me that I haven’t had one yet today…  I better go and sort that out!