Plain Sailing

How will Santa bring my Yacht?

There’s a chill in the air, fancy lights in each window down the street, and there’s a festive buzz in the air – all of which can only mean one thing: Christmas is finally coming!

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I wrote my christmas list as early as August this year, and sent it on its way to Lapland via the chimney in my brothers posh house.  Given I’ve been especially good this year - I’ve helped old women with their shopping, taken the time to buy food and coffee for the Big Issue guy near us, gone to church and said my prayers, bought more than my fair share of rounds in the pub, and generally been a thoroughly nice bloke all year long (well, at least since August, like I say), there is practically no doubt that Santa will treating me this year!

Top of my list as a 40 foot yacht.  I do have a preference over brands of boats, but I thought I’d let Santa choose which to give me – not least because I’m not sure which ones his elves prefer to make.  I did, however, add in brackets that it needed to have a minimum of  two heads (electronic), and, ideally some kind of Satellite TV system built into it.

I haven’t really considered the logistics of this, but if Santa can get down the chimney, I think he should be able to work out how to fit a yacht into our front room easily enough?  And without making a noise.

Or perhaps he’ll leave a note under the tree, attached to my yacht in the nearest marina with a 45 mile piece of ribbon?  That would at least make it easier for me to take it out on Christmas day.

I guess we’ll find out in under nine days time (and I’ll keep your posted!).  I am already almost literally shaking at the knees with excitement as I write this, and I have no idea how I am going to cope. My very own yacht!  Wow!