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How to save £50 on a yacht charter!

What’s the easiest way to save £50 on the price of a charter yacht?

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You could cancel the outboard motor and dig out the oars for the week (or just abandon heading into the pretty fishing villages, quaint taverna’s or rocking cocktail bars)?

You could switch off the wifi and watch as two of your crew members then spend all their time on land trying to hunt down the nearest place that offers free wifi?  Sounds fun?

You could cut the food budget for the week, so that you’re just about able to scrape meals together for the crew, or so that by the end of the week they’re so weak that they can’t even pull on the ropes without wincing?

Or, you could sign up to our mailing list and we’ll knock £50 off your charter fee.  Easy peasy, and you don’t even have to give anything up?!

You’ll also get notified when we have any super-special rates, offers or holidays going on sail, and updates about the best places to sail in the Med. will make you happy.