Hard times in Greece

You can help support their economy by booking a holiday - it doesn't have to be a yacht charter holiday (though it does if you want to book with us!?)

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As you’re probably aware, there’s a Europe-wide debate, discussion and consternation about how to resolve the ‘crisis’ of refugees fleeing their own war-torn homelands for the comfort and security of Europe.

But whilst the powerbrokers of European politics (the pope excepted) sit and twiddle their thumbs about doing anything to make a difference, it seems to be only the country and people of Greece who are acting with humanity: despite being on the brink of their own economic demise, the Greeks have accepted refugees in their thousands, helping them ashore and to find warmth, shelter and food.

Whilst this emphasises and markets the natural incredible hospitality and empathy of the Greek people, the swamping of the Greek islands (those closest to the Syrian and Turkish borders) has had a number of side-effects – not least to the tourism industry, upon which the whole economy is usually so reliant. 

The holidaymakers – predominantly from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands – have heard the news about ‘Greece’ and ‘refugees’ and are deciding to stay away.  Whilst it’s perhaps understandable to not want to visit Rhodes and Kos, where the refugees are arriving each day, it is somewhat perplexing that people are also choosing to stay away from the mainland Greece, or, even right on the opposite side of the country, to Corfu and the Ionian islands – where I was last week, and where there wasn’t the slightest trace of a refugee (but I can confirm there were still outstanding views, glorious weather and impeccable yachts!)

For the sailing industry in Greece, the season has started slowly, and where yacht owners are normally fully booked for the peak season by now, there are still berths to be had – which, I suppose, is good news for holidaymakers as there are some amazing deals to be had.

So please help us to help support Greece and its economy – contact us today to help you book a yacht charter from Corfu, Lefkas, Athens (Alimos or Lavrio), Skiathos, Kos or Rhodes.