Plain Sailing

GOAL achieved! Charter out spare weekends on your yacht!

Things continue to progress at a rapid pace! After spending recent months building up strong partnerships with yacht charter companies in Greece and Croatia, we’ve followed up that by achieving one of our biggest – and most ambitious – goals in the UK!

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Stroll around any marina in the UK and it’s always disappointing to see how many empty boats are sitting there, unoccupied.  Obviously, it’s because the yacht owners can’t be out sailing every day or weekend, but it makes the heart sink to think about all that potential for sailing which is going by the wayside – like being next to an empty ski-piste when the only ski-hire shop in town is closed, or walking past a perfectly cut football pitch when you don’t have a ball.

When we launched, one of our aims was to change that, and we’re proud to say that we’ve taken the first bold steps towards that aim: from today, our site is now optimised for yacht owners (whether they have one yacht or a fleet) to list yachts for charter on our site – a bit like - dare we say it - an AirBnB for sailors! :)

Listing a boat is FREE (we only take a commission for each customer we find you), and you set your own prices, any special season rates, control your yachts’ profile, and retain the right to accept or reject proposed bookings (based upon the experience of the person trying to charter it, or if the dates are no longer convenient, etc…).  Owners can also list the yachts as ‘skippered only’ – so there will always be someone on board you trust to look after the boat.

There’s a couple of minor hoops to jump through in terms of getting MCA coding certification that your boat is seaworthy and has the right kit, and taking a few photographs, but it’s remarkably straightforward to get your boat listed, and our team are ready and waiting to answer your questions – big and small - and to do all the jiggery-pokery and technical wizardry to help you get set up!

So let’s get those boats out on the water, spread some sailing joy, and start a revolution in our marinas! @PlainSailing