Plain Sailing

Getting Ready to Sail

The beauty of sailing goes beyond the usual aesthetic, and oftentimes emotional, benefits of traveling. In other words, when we’re on a trip, not only do we take in the scenic views and the natural waters, we also build our muscle endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and overall strength.

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It doesn’t matter whether we’re serious or casual adventurers, solo or sailing with friends or family, we’ll have the time of our lives as long as we’re prepared right from the get-go.

Let’s say we’re beginners and are planning to experience the waters of the United Kingdom, there’s always more than just the actual weather updates and destination information. For one, many publications will outline the basic things to bring during a trip. They tend to list simple yet valuable reminders about dry-fit clothes, proper footwear, and travel insurance. With this, all we have to do aboard the vessel is to enjoy the ride and look forward to the next.

However, prior to boarding a yacht or a boat and going on a thrilling nautical adventure, we still have to be aware of some aerial and land-based factors. We’re talking about airport features and specifics.  Going on a sailing trip in the UK, not so surprisingly, also involves airplanes and cars.

First off, the likes of London has some of the world’s busiest aviation hubs namely Heathrow and Gatwick Airport, as well as the most jam-packed city roads and car bays. This means that it helps a lot if we brush up on Travel Zoo’s London airport hacks, as congestion normally spills from the runways to the departure lounges even up to parking spaces. Another important thing to note is that since we don’t need car bays per se, we still have to consider a couple of equally valid choices. The industry experts over at Parking4Less present an airport with hotel option, which is perfect if we have an early morning schedule for our sailing trip. That way, we can go straight from a plane seat to a bed in no time, and look forward to an exciting trip at sea the next day.

Preparation in sailing doesn’t necessarily involve knowing all the jargon, buying a new wardrobe, and weaving our way through land traffic, as, sometimes, starting off on the right foot boils down to our readiness before we hit the ocean. Ultimately, if you’re looking to fly to the United Kingdom, or to one of KC Dermody’s suggestions of the best sailing destinations in the world, it pays to be prepared from top to bottom.