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Feedback: I love my Cat!

Another happy customer :)

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“Last week I chartered a Catamaran for the first time, and I didn’t like it – I loved it!  It was such a fantastic boat, and, after just one week, I have no idea how I’m going to go back to sailing in a yacht! 

The best thing about it was the amazing amount of space you get.  We chartered a Lagoon 450 which has five or six places to sit and relax around the boat (and we often moved around them all, depending upon where the sun was shining) and a beautiful and modern interior which is so light and spacious that it almost feels like you’re still outside!  Plus the cabins were massive (there was enough for me, my wife, and a small child on our bed!), and my wife loved the fact that each cabin had their own en-suite bathroom. 

Sailing-wise, we noted that it didn’t heel as much as a yacht, so it wasn’t so exhilarating when you were sailing close to the wind - but it was easier to manoeuvre than a yacht, so that’s about honours even.  That aside, this takes sailing to another level completely - we were part of a flotilla with other yachts and I almost felt guilty about the luxury and decadence of our Cat against their 47 foot yachts…  Honestly, I’d loved the Cat and I’d super-recommend it to anyone or everyone – they’re not as expensive as you think!

I can't wait to go again, and thanks for helping me to have a fantastic holiday!”

The eagle-eyed amongst you will already’ve noticed that the first upgrade to our search function includes the option for you to choose between chartering a yacht or a catamaran, and there’s more search functionality to come in the next few weeks.