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Electric winches, heads and solar panels

Our yacht charter partners have been busy in the off-season, and between the 25 of them, they’ve bought a whipping 89 brand new yachts!

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As well as the yachts offering a bit sleeker looking, and blessed with a little more interior design, it also means that we’re starting to see some of the inventions and features which have previously been the reserve of the rich and famous.
Ever gotten tired of turning a winch?  Or are you too posh too push?  There’s a modern day solution to that: electric winches will do all the hard work for you, so all you have to do it watch the tell-tales and work out when to stop pressing the button (though I daresay soon computers will also be able to do that!)
Tired of pumping the heads?  Well, there’s electric toilets that make going to the toilet a bit more civilised, and a lot less like hard work.  Just press the electric flush and let the robots go about their business.

Constantly worried about electricity?  Some boats now have solar panels which can collect the sun and keep your batteries fully charged – imagine being able to charge your mobile phone whilst at sea without getting frowned at by the skipper?!  Now you can!
And, of course, cockpit speakers are now fitted as standard, which means you won’t have to burst your ear-drums when you go down below! 

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