Plain Sailing

Christmas Party!

It’s the Christmas party today! What happens when you put one of the office juniors in charge of organising the fun? You end up with a celebration that is as cool as it is quirky.

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It’s our first year with a reasonable sized team, and we’ve fast become like a bit of a family.  We’ve started with the Evil Santa (like secret santa, but where you can steal someone else’s presents!) – with the added they had to be related to sailing in some way and under £10.  Whilst that meant one of our team got a subscription to Yachts and Yachting, it meant our boss tragically ended up with a broken winch handle and a load of old rope!

As a bunch of avid sailors ourselves, it was clear that there was only really one way to celebrate – which is on the water.  Unfortunately, our office isn’t all that well located for going out on a yacht, which means we’re spending the afternoon trying to be human-masts for setting up sails on three-man canoes on the local lake.  If that sounds ridiculous, it’s also a race (with the losers getting dunked!), with the added complexity that we have to make our own rudder!

After that, we’re off to a local Greek restaurant (we do loads of chartering in Greece, so it fits!) for some Chicken Gyros, to smash some plates, drink some Raki, etc… In nautical themed fancy dress, of course.

Which is why I’m sat writing this dressed as some kind of piratey Santa Claus – essentially someone who gives you presents with one hand, then steals them off you with the other!

If you’re celebrating tonight, have a great time :)