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Buch Jetzt! Beat the Germans!

Did you know that 2018 season prices are now becoming available for loads of yachts in Greece and Croatia?

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Did you also know that booking them early (with as little as a 30% deposit) means you get the best possible prices?  (You do now – so start thinking about getting your crew organised!)

But did you also know that the Germans aren’t just thinking about booking a yacht – they’re already booking them.  Yes, as stereotypical as it might sound, it’s true – German holidaymakers are usually among the first to get their yachts booked: which means that they get the best boats at the best prices, and are usually already gelling with their crew and planning their route before Christmas!

After the Germans, our yacht charter partners experience a wave of Dutch and Russian bookings around the New Year and January, before the Brits finally start to think about how they’ll be spending their summer - typically around February – and start to make enquiries and bookings.

So if you want to have the choice of the best yachts – before the Germans and the Dutch have cherry-picked them - you better start looking now and getting it booked!