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Brexit will make holidays more expensive

With all the panic and headlines this week about the Brexit, we thought we’d get in on the act and review how Brexit would affect the users of the good ship

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Obviously, firstly, we should point out the good news that Brexit will have no impact on sailing holidays in the England, Scotland, Greece or Croatia: your passport and your RYA sailing qualification will still be recognised worldwide, the seas will be the same, the winds and the sunshine will still be there, and the boats? Well, the boats don’t care about whether the UK are a part of Europe or apart of Europe.  Nor do the yacht owners or the yacht charter companies, the local restaurateurs, bar owners and supermarkets.  So worry not – the result will not impact your holiday per se.

However, based upon the rhetoric and assumptions of far smarter people than me/us in the office, it seems that Brexit would likely have an impact on your cash. 

Abroad-wise, Brexit is likely to see the value of sterling plummet against the Euro (and the Croatian Kuna), which will mean that you’ll have to spend more of your hard-earned pounds to charter a yacht abroad, and obviously the price of everything – from berthing fees to beer, and grilled fish to gin – will be more expensive when you convert prices back into sterling.  Which is bad news for people that like to sail in the Med. 

Obviously, if Greece tanks out of the Euro through the back-door then all bets are off, and sailing there, at least, should become more affordable. 

Even at home, Brexit is expected to push up the price of fuel, so it will be more expensive to get to the marina, and there will likely be some price inflation in the supermarkets.

So the moral of the story? If you think Brexit is on the cards, It’s probably best to book (and pay) for your sailing holiday before June 23rd!  Ask us now for bookings for Summer 2017!