Plain Sailing

Beat the holiday blues… Book another holiday!

There’s nothing quite like the freedom and relaxation that a couple of weeks off work can bring – even when you’re stuck with a houseful of screaming family. And likewise, there’s nothing that focuses the mind back on holidays than the first few days back at work!

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If you’re a skier, you will no doubt be grinning smugly to yourself (like our boss does!) about the fact that you’ll be off out in the mountains within the next couple of months or so – in which case, great, and take care out there – but just remember that, regardless of how fast you can get down a blue, red or black slope, there is a part of you that will be yearning to get out on the water instead!

If it’s excitement you’re after, then, as every sailor knows, nothing is as exhilarating as getting the sails in a good, strong wind.  If it’s freedom, then what better than starting the day with endless bays or ports or marina’s to stop at, and any which way to go about it?  If it’s sunshine and relaxation, then seriously, you need to try chartering a yacht in Greece or Croatia, with waves gently lapping up against the side of the boat as you dive into the crystal clear waters… [sigh!].

In fact, the only way in which skiing beats sailing is if you actually enjoy the extreme cold, low visibility, and want to waste all your lunch money on one miserly hot chocolate.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog.  What I’m trying to say is: you need to book a holiday this year to ease the burden of this post-festive-come-down.  And not just any holiday – a sailing holiday, because all other holidays are lame, and done by lame people, in lame locations, with lame equipment, and with lame senses of humour.  So what are you waiting for, book on today!

Until 15th January, if you book a week-long charter with us and email us to mention this blog, we’ll send you a free Helly Hansen Crew Midlayer Jacket!  And you can charter an 8-berth yacht in Rhodes or Kos for a week at Easter from just £1,060!