Plain Sailing

Another happy customer…

With the absence of any real major sailing news, and with the weather being bad, but not sufficiently miserable enough for me to complain bitterly about, I have basically spent the last fifteen minutes trying to work out what I could blog about.

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But then I got an email from a(nother) happy customer, and I’ve now got a smile on my face as I write this – it’s always an absolute pleasure to hear from our customers.  I won’t share the exact contents of Peter H’s email, but it sounds like he had a great time (even though he went on holiday with his in-laws!) and he was very, very grateful for the exceptional service that our team provided for him. 

He’s already trying to work out dates to go sailing next year – so that he can get something booked in on, and has even asked us for advice about where he should go sailing next!

Some companies might find emails from customers a bit of a drag, but we love it.  Our unique selling point is essentially our impeccable customer service (at a great price).  We like to look after our customers throughout their holidays, and, for me, getting back and telling people about the holiday is just as much an important part of the holiday as the actually sailing!

I particularly like to hear the tales of where our customers went, and what adventures they had. 

Then I can sit in the office in the miserable cold UK weather, close my eyes, and imagine I was out sailing in the sunshine, up to the same exploits. 

So please, if you book with us, please obviously let us know how well we did at making the holiday Plain Sailing from start to finish (and/or any improvements we could make to our service), but also give us all the gossip and drama from your holiday – the amazing sights and sounds and tastes you experience, the near misses, and the crashes and the parking fiascos! (Please!  Share your holiday with us and make us smile :))