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Adding UK Yachts Soon!

We've had a busy few weeks! Having secured a good number of options in Scotland, we're turning our attention south of the border.

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Whilst we're in touch with a number of companies who charter yachts from bases such as Liverpool or Conwy, the greatest amount of yachts, and sailing adventures, appear to be down in the Solent - an excellent place to go cruising.

Whilst the tides and busy shipping channels add an extra element of danger (compared to the relatively quiet Kyles of the Clyde), the greater chance of sunshine, fantastic marina facilities and good winds make the Solent a good place to refine your techniques and build up your sailing experience!

Throw in the fact that you can follow the passage of the famous 'Round the Island Race', or simply be over in the champagne bars at Cowes within a few hours, and you can see whay it holds a certain appeal to most sailors!

We'll be adding new UK marinas and yacht chartering opportunites very, very soon!