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A marina-full of Information

Did you know that, in addition to offering yachts from trusted partners with live availability and prices, there’s also a world of information to be found on these here pages?

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Obviously it starts with the yachts, which have actual pictures of the actual yacht you’re looking at in about 85% of cases (and yacht pictures supplied by our partners for the other 15% - there are no stock images), plus its specification, floorplan, what it comes with, and even reviews from other customers who have used that boat or charter company!

But beyond that, our marina guides give you information about what facilities you can expect to find at each marina or base, plus photos, a map of the marina (so that you can look at how complex it will be to manoeuvre a boat in there), details of how to get to/from the marina by public transport from the nearest airport, and there’s even a live link for you to view what the weather is like over there right now (so head back there nearer your departure date and find out what is in store!)

Beyond that, for each of our bases we also review the local area to help you make the most of your time on land there: if there’s impressive local monuments to check out, or places to see, then you’ll find it here.  We’ve also started to list local festivals and eating tips supplied to us by you – our customers – so please do get in touch if you have any ideas to pass on to fellow sailors.

Finally, there’s a bit of info on where to set sail to which can give you a quick pointer over interesting places to visit when you’re on the sea.

All in all, a wealth of information, so if you want to get sailing the sea, get surfing our site!