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4 reasons Croatia should be on your list!

If you’ve not booked a sailing holiday for 2017 yet – or heck, even if you have: you can book another! – here’s five reasons why we reckon you should charter in Croatia! (It was also Sailing Today’s Cruising Ground of the year for 2016!)

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Brilliant and modern marina’s

After identifying sail-tourism as a potential big-win, Croatia have invested massively in getting top-notch marina’s built along it’s coastline: loads of them are less than a decade old, have all the mod cons (most have amazing restaurants and a great number have swimming pools for those berthing at the marina), and they’re even connected to public transport to make life easy.  On top of this, there are loads of secluded bays across the islands that have bars and facilities that are literally just for people who can arrive by boat!

Quality boats from friendly owners

Because the marina’s weren’t there, neither were the boats.  But since marina’s became places to attract discerning sailors, yacht charter companies have been buying boats – which means most are less than a decade old.  Most yacht charter operators pride themselves on getting new yachts each year, so you’ll find modern, sleek interiors and spacious saloons as standard.

Incredible for Explorers

Croatia is made up of over a thousand islands, and virtually all of them are discoverable to intrepid explorers with their own boats!  There’s so many bays, coastal villages, castles and natural beauty that there really is something for everyone – and that’s not including the incredible beaches and clear blue sea.  Magic!

Sunshine, dependable winds and no tides!

Like Greece, it’s in the Med, which means you can virtually throw away the tide tables and concentrate on the scenery and on soaking in the sunshine.  Bliss!